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Screenshot 2:02:2016, 10:11 PM-4.jpegWelcome to my original quirky and whimsical artwork which comes from the heart. I’m learning each day and hope you take a little something away with you to make your day a happy one!

In March 2015 I completed a series of breast cancer treatments, having found a malignant lump in my breast in early 2014. My artwork is an expression of the positive outcomes I’ve experienced from an otherwise traumatic encounter.

Having breast cancer has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life, as losing all of your vices tends to do. My breast, my hair and my sense of eternity on the planet Earth. I learned what was important in my life, strengthened my faith, gratefully received the love from family and friends and had doors opened to transform from a computer nerd into an artist and illustrator.

During my treatment time I used art as a relaxation tool. I began to sell pieces quite by accident and since this time I have illustrated 11 children’s books, had 6 solo exhibitions and won a mayoral acquisition award, amongst many other achievements.

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What I do

Whether it’s print or pixels I’m passionate about art, illustration, design and all things geeky and arty. I hope to bring a range of disciplines to every project I work on drawn from my diverse background. I’m a Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Photographer and multimedia geek who will live in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Australia once my house is built… but that’s another story.

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I am the host of ‘Art beat’ and Sip’n draw’ workshops. Take a peek on the link to see more!

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Art, illustration work… and geek stuff too

Here are some of the visual images I can adapt my skills to:

  • books and book jackets
  • educational, training and reference materials
  • instruction manuals, leaflets and sales brochures
  • greetings cards, giftware and packaging
  • advertising materials, posters and catalogues
  • magazines and newspapers
  • animations and storyboards

I have a passion for illustrating children’s books, artwork and design, animation ,video and self-publishing support. I can take your book ideas and guide you through to publishing your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other online book sites for sale. I have original drawings and paintings for sale in my gallery or you can purchase printed items from my Redbubble or my Zazzle store. Also, I update my blog regularly with exciting news. Feel free to subscribe to it!. If you are interested in contracting me to work on your exciting project contact me and we can chat. The process is very straightforward. While every job is different, I’ll give you a clear idea of cost. Once fully briefed I’ll send you sketches over the email for you to view and comment on. On approval I’ll finish off the artwork in black/white line or full colour and then provide digital files in a format of your choice.

U7878_Incite2_CM.inddI have my artwork in an exciting mixed media book- Incite 2 Color Passions
The Best of Mixed Media and I receive a commission if you purchase it from this link: http://www.northlightshop.com/incite-2-color-passions-grouped

The book is filled with wonderful artwork from all around the world. Very inspiring and a great resource for both artists and those who love things beautiful!

Member of Illustrators Australia

I am a gold Member of Illustrators Australia


I recently commissioned Jenny Wood to illustrate my children’s stories. We began with “George goes to see the Prime Minister” and then “George and the problem of food”. I initially wrote to Jen, because I had previously worked at the same TAFE and had experienced her project management skills where she managed an online project in the my area. I then became a FB friend and began to see the awesome work she was doing in the drawing and artwork space on FB.
Jen sent me her project brief and quote through email and then we met for coffee. From there she hit the ground running with bedding down what the main character might look like, alerting me to issues which were obvious to an illustrator but not to the author, and regularly surprising me with her IT skills. I hope this commendation is not TOO good, because she has promised to illustrate my next book, and I hope she has enough room in her busy schedule to fit me in!!
Rosemary Pattison (author)


  1. Hi Jenny, it’s Jude from the wig shop, have to let you know I am mesmerised by your talent, hope all is going well, stay strong, would love to come and see your art live next time you have an exhibition ,

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